AfroPuff Medallions….. The Classic Hip Hop Africa in 3 inch size.

The Classic Pan African Medallion..... The One that started it all.!

10 responses to “AfroPuff Medallions….. The Classic Hip Hop Africa in 3 inch size.”

  1. When will you restock the small black African Medallion

    1. It’s back in stock now.

  2. Hey there, please let me know if this medallion is available for purchase and if you ship to South Africa? I’d like to gift it to my partner, if possible.

    1. It would be very expensive to ship there and difficult to track.

      1. I understand. May I ask where you’re based? I might be lucky to find a friend where you are currently.

      2. I’m based in Los Angeles

  3. Oh, alright. I know one or two people who could help me out, but we can continue this conversation via email, if that’s okay with you?

    1. Mine is You can drop me your payment details (I have paypal if that works) and other info – i.e. if you ship to other states.

      In the meantime, I’ll enquire from friends and acquaintances I know in LA to assist me. I’d really appreciate your help, though. Let me know.

      1. Hi Adah, I’ve sent two emails with no response.

        My LA plug is leaving for NY on Monday and will be making her way back home from there. I was hoping to get the medallion as part of a Christmas gift, but if you won’t be going ahead with the purchase anymore, it would be helpful to know.


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