Who is AfroPuff

I am the masked avenger. Here to save the word from mediocraty– one brand @ a time!

Who is AfroPuff? AfroPuff is a brand, an attitude, and product line based on the alternate persona of Adah Glenn that was born out of her life as the street artist known as AfroPuff. AfroPuff features a ready to wear line of hand embellished, dyed & printed T-Shirts, greeting cards, toys, books, & accessories.

Established in 1992 out of the ashes of the L.A. Riots, The concept behind AfroPuff reflects the city of its origin — Los Angeles. Lost Angels, Vampires, Hustlers, & Dreamers bound with passion and love for the Game. AfroPuff is the complex mix of hope in the face of despair, realness in the face of Artifice. It is the precious exclusivity of one of a kind, in lieu of mass consumerism….and is Always Scary Cute Bourgeois Street!

What is AfroPuff? AfroPuff is a branded mess of Mass Disruption. Currently available for purchase online.

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