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Golden Unk Medallion with Beads

3 inch black leather medallion with black wooden beads on a nylon cord.




Metallic Gold Leather Clutch Purse

Metallic gold leather clutch with hand painted embellishments.




AfroPuff™ Leather Heart Pin

A 2 inch handpainted eye leather heart




Navy Blue Kokeshi Fairy JuJu Leather Pouch

Leather Handmade and Handpainted Fairy Pouch hand laced with calfskin leather with a nylon drawstring cord.


I was feeling a little patriotic….

Since I haven’t made any American flag medallions in a while, so I made a few up. They’re available on EBay. I’ll put them up in The AfroPuff Shop in the morning. Also Available is this Puffed Pan African Peace Medallion.

I’ll have some good deals happening this weekend so come thru. 👑❤