AfroPuff™ Books

Due to some JackAss selling bootleg versions of my AfroPuff™ Dolls Coloring Book  &  AfroPuff™ Graphix illegally on for outrageous amounts, I wanted to make sure that my wonderful supporters who want Real copies of my books have a legitimate way to Purchase my books. Make sure you order them soon so that you can recieve them in time for the holidays.



You can buy them direct from me by clicking the image link below or on



Happy Anniversary AfroPuff

Today marks 10 years of AfroPuff on Pico Blvd. Im gonna be ultra sparkly show pony cause i’ve got some heavy hitters rollin’ up on ya’ girl & more coming thru this week. I’ve been on a Fuck The Economy tip, so for this month of August I’m having a 20% off Sale (yes, even design & consultation services too!)
This Life of Mine has been a strange twisted Fairytale…I am a grateful humble grasshopper; My cup runneth over.
Thank You & Have a wonderful week 😀