L.A. Art Show 2019

So a couple of weeks ago, (it took a week to recover) I was a featured artist at The L.A. ArtShow through the Diversity L.A. Program. I was give a Huge 10×20 space to do my thing. It took months of planning and for the first time I worked with a curator, the wonderful Mar Hollingsworth from CAAM and James Ponozzo from LA Launch. It was a Amazing Experience. I gave interviews, saw old friends and colleagues and met new folks as well.

I could go on and on but its just too much to unpack here. But Here are a few Pics of the Boho Highs and Visual DriveBys event space and some friends. Thank You to everyone involved. It was a great success.

L A Artshow Installation 1 webLA Artshow Installation Mural detailMe and HexMe and Urbie LA artshowL A Artshow Installation 2